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MaddboX Touchpad Doodle by DindellaTheDefender MaddboX Touchpad Doodle by DindellaTheDefender
I forgot I did this. Possible MaddboX anatomy redesign. Might make the body and neck longer (perhaps switch from a Great Dane shape to a Pharaoh Hound). Head is based off a Bull terrier, but you can barely tell because touchpad fail. I don't remember what my references were and I'm really tired right now. Maddbox looks too tough and less sassy here. . . I kind of want her to look a bit sassy.

One ear is suppose to be longer then the other, but the longer ears flops. The mane on the neck droops down to near the bottom of the chest, but the very top of the head is a loose mohawk flopping into her eyes. Mane shortens as it stretches down the center of the back and into the "doe tail."

If people can have multiple dogsonas of sorts, then I can too. Although Madd is slightly like a mascot to me and less of a personal representative, I guess? Either way, without being excessively sparkly marking-wise and physically I want her to express my need to not be "typical", to be someone who is themselves and stands-out. I will be customizing her with gear, anyways, so she's going to end up a sparkledog because of that but whatever. She's also going to be my gamer identity, so I'll probably be dumb and put a Sims diamond above her head whenever I'm not taking drawing her seriously. I really like putting things on my selfies that remind me of my friends, so she's probably going to end up with an Avengers hoodie (Avy), a Naruto headband or FMA pocket watch along with a moonstone necklace (Ari), probably something referencing Les Miserables or Firefly or James Dean (Kira), and a cat badge to stick on her signature-ish scarf (Vonex).

Marking-wise I'm debating making her merle, which means she needs a black layer on her. . . Not sure what those markings will look like. . . Perhaps a facial mask? Are those overused? IthinkthosearebutIdon'tevenknow. Keeping her having the green - blue heterochromic eyes. Any ideas are welcome.

(c) me. Do not steal. Thieving is for Elementary school kids.
NinjaWerewolves Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013
Your canines always look so well done. eue
BloodWolf-Pain Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
i am able to see the bull terrier in the face and i think the body would match the face more with the pharaoh hound body lol but thats just me

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October 6, 2013
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