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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Premium Member Megan21/Female/United States Groups :iconknightsofkindred: KnightsofKindred
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Experimental Cartoon-Style Commissions
Cartoon1 (Dindella) by DindellaTheDefender
Cartoon2 (Moonstalker) by DindellaTheDefender
:COM: Cartoon3 (Jader) by DindellaTheDefender
:COM: Cartoon6 (Castor and Daughter) by DindellaTheDefender
:COM: Cartoon7 (Shade) by DindellaTheDefender
:COM: Cartoon5 (Midnight) by DindellaTheDefender
I'm experimenting with drawing in a more cartoon style, so not all of them will look the same and I'm going to be trying different stuff. More then likely they'll be half bodies, but if I do a full body I won't charge you more. Same if I shade or whatever. These are quick, easy things for me to do to pass the time and get more art done. I will do humans, animals, anything. Whatever pleases you. <3 One character for every 200 points, if you're ordering more then one character please note me. . . and, probably inform me if you want the characters drawn on one canvas or separately.

Please make sure to provide a reference, or two, or three, whatever you think will help me portray your character. If you'd like it translucent or a simple background (probably just a color with a texture on it), then please tell me or I'll do whatever fancies me at the moment, hahaha. I'm really excited to see what characters I get to draw. <3

Favorite YouTube gamer(s)? 

10 deviants said Markiplier
7 deviants said (Other/comment)
4 deviants said (Don't watch gamers c: )
3 deviants said RoosterTeeth
2 deviants said Game Grumps
1 deviant said Tobuscus
No deviants said LordMinion777
No deviants said muyskerm
No deviants said Keralis


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1,095 / 2,396
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To-do List


1. :iconreptanartwar: -… Experimental Cartoon-Style Commission
2. :iconnaravox: -… Experimental Cartoon-Style Commission (looking flirty)
3. :iconmikaley: -… Experimental Cartoon-Style Commission (800 x 800 canvas)
4. :iconadolas: -… /… /… Experimental Cartoon-Style Commission (Same canvas)

1. :iconforgetsanity: -… Trade
2. :iconfullmetalshadowwolf: - fullmetalshadowwolf.deviantart… Trade
3. :iconpikminpedia: -… Trade
4. :iconmoonstalkerwerewolf: - moonstalkerwerewolf.deviantart… Trade
5. :iconninjawerewolves: - Dindella and… Trade
6. :iconhuytemen: -… Speedpaint trade (Will keep moving this one down until I have a computer that can handle this again, which will hopefully be very soon. Ugh.)

1. Daniel Among the Lions w/ :iconmoonstalkerwerewolf: , :iconsoldieryena:, and :iconsickbites:
2. Sym Chibis w/ :iconmoonstalkerwerewolf: and :iconninjawerewolves:

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DindellaTheDefender's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Callname: Dindella
Gender Identity: Genderfluid. Any pronoun acceptable.
Relationship Status: Free/not looking.
Contact Information: (Yahoo Messenger, feel free to add me)

Hello, I'm Megan, although online I prefer to be called Dindella, Dindy, or Defender. While I have a character named Dindella who represents me, the name was mine first. Good and/or close friends are allowed to call me Dell, Dellz, or Dells. My Ari has taken to calling me Dellioz sometimes. And while these are fine nicknames and I even use Dellz as my callname on Skype, I'd rather you ask to use those. If you slip up and use it and I don't correct you, then chances are you don't have to ask as I have accepted your ability to use it. It's just a silly thing I fret about, hahaha. <3

I'm super flattered if you've taken time out of your day to read this, it means a lot. That being said, while I'm extroverted I suffer from a lot of social related anxiety and am not always super talkative. I am more then willing to reach out to you if you're having a rough time, so if you need someone to chat with feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help out regardless of my emotional or sociative state (even if all I can do is listen). I try to be as nice of a person as I can, although I'm not perfect. . .

My hobbies include: singing, writing (poetry, stories, RP), drawing, reading. I rarely watch TV, TV shows, or movies, although I'm trying to fix that and get more into films. Editing clips to make AMVs/editing/film, voice acting, acting, ect use to be an often thing. I think my biggest hobby is listening to music, considering that's pretty much literally constant. I'm more then happy and excited to share songs back and forth with people, discuss how music makes me feel, ect, and I'll listen to pretty much anything.

Fandoms (that I don't actively participate in) : Yu-Gi-Oh!, Supernatural, Charmed, The Walking Dead, Steam Powered Giraffe, Markiplier Army, RoosterTeeth, Avengers.

Other websites you can find me:… (for adoptables) (Writing)
dindellathedefenderpoetry.tumb… (Poetry)… (Art tumblr) (Art) (Ramblings and art) (Honestly I have no idea why I have this??? But art eventually, maybe) (Roleplay. I'm an admin here.)

The Best:
:heart: :iconmoonstalkerwerewolf: :heart:

Close Friends:

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Forever--Sparkling Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
(( greetings old friend. 

but I suppose you don't remember who I am. ^^ ))
DindellaTheDefender Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. I'm afraid not. Are you from my 4kids days or else-where?
Forever--Sparkling Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
((and if that isn't enough I also know your first youtuber name was PrincessDindella~))
Forever--Sparkling Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
(( haha well something like that~ ^^

here is proof I knew you in my past.
I knew your name is megan.
when we met you were into yugioh and had a crush on Mahado and Shadi and a few other yugioh characters. ^^
I also know you have a dragon character that is pink and a wolf that is also pink.
I've known you since I was 12 but I lied about my age on Youtube. ^7^ ))
DindellaTheDefender Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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